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Fête du nouvel an

Last minute wedding *

Did you want to ... get married?

That Miss's visa expires soon,

that Aunt Clarisse's health is not good enough (she's got one foot in the grave),

that there is a bun in the oven OR

that you are seized with a mad desire to make the other your spouse / husband,

there are a thousand and one reasons to want (or need) to get married quickly.

It's a good thing that at So'Surprises, we like to get things moving and with a wedding to organise in a short time, believe me it's moving like it should!

We offer a unique and ultra complete formula to make these preparations a detail!

* organization between 3 weeks and 2 months max

Vieux réveil


Complete preparation support

Weekly reporting with retro planning

2 shopping / fitting days

5 site visits

2 tasting visits

Standby assembly aid

Full D-Day coordination

2400 €

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