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Photo d'une future maman recevant des cadeaux pour sa baby-shower

Baby Shower

Let's celebrate the arrival of baby!

The Americans really inspire us!

For those who have not yet mastered this term, the Baby shower is a prenatal party honoring the future Mum .


It is usually organized between the 7th and 8th month of pregnancy and can bring together family and close friends.

Originally, it was only organized for the first birth, but today it is for each new life to come that it is celebrated .

Tasting of cakes (cake design), distribution of gifts, games and activities come together to make you have a good time and to honor the mother-to-be.

Whether you're preparing your own or taking the lead in arranging that of a loved one, we have more than one trick in our bag to ensure you have an unforgettable moment.

Cadeaux d'anniversaire
Photo de chaussures de bébé avec un cadeau a coté
Photo de body étendue

Our solutions

Two formulas:

*The roadmap: (Same principle as the cooking recipe)

After having studied together the theme, the activities, the number of guests as well as the budget, you will receive your roadmap in order to do the necessary shopping yourself and to carry out the set-up on D-day.

Subject to availability, the agency can provide you with vases and cake dishes for 24 hours to collect and bring back to the agency).

* Mission complete!

Always with you, as for the roadmap, we work together to develop your babyshower. With the complete mission, be relieved, we make the purchases (flowers, cakes, decorations, drinks ...) and the complete installation on D-day at the place of the reception (kilometer costs beyond 20km around of the agency)

Quotation on request.

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