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What could be better than the perfectionism of a wedding planner to organize your professional event? Nobody!

So welcome to this page dedicated to you. Save time and efficiency and go through an agency in love with human relationships which will put all its repertoire and more at the service of your event.

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Company Evening

Moment of relaxation ...

Whether to celebrate results, launch a new product, announce a change of direction or share a privileged moment with its employees before the new year, the "company evening" is the essential event to relax the pressure your teams while getting to know them better. Cocktail dinner, sit-down meal, dinner show, together we will find the solution that suits you. # Corporate

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Team Building

Strengthen team spirit

It is about strengthening cohesion between the members of a team and creating an environment favorable to its work. Through management games, experiential training, sports, cultural, artistic or creative activities, many values ​​can be highlighted. Team building promotes stress management, cohesion and team spirit.

The situations that can lead to the holding of a team building seminar are team problems, stress management or the need for interpersonal communication . Knowledge of others and their needs or team cohesion, solidarity between employees can be strengthened through team building.

There are three team building practices:

  • The reward,

  • the integration of new employees,

  • crisis management (the latter case is frequent in the phases of support for change.)

Finally, interculturality, the improvement of collective decision-making and adherence to the corporate culture are cases which can justify the setting up of a team building seminar.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
Contact us, We will work out together a tailor-made personalized program taking into account: the number of participants and days, the budget, the desired activities ...
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
We know your time is precious.
That's why we can come to you
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Works Councils

Gift boxes

Let's dust off the end-of-year "garnished basket" and sweep away the traditional bouquet of flowers.

We offer a range of 100% customizable boxes for your CE gifts: customers, end of year, seniority, maternity / paternity, marriage ...

With So'Surprises, your employees and customers will be pampered.

Decreasing prices on quantities

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