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Shooting Coachella

Axelle and Rémi

Saturday 20 February 2021

Savenès castle


Wedding Planner: Agence So 'Surprises

Secular ceremony: Agence So 'Surprises

Scenography: Atelier Chamaison

Photographer: Jonathan CONTINENTE

Videographer: Pix 'n Joy

Caterer: DM Traiteur

Location: Château de Savenès

Floral decoration: The Gardens of Lorenz

DJ: Freddy Jee, Record store

Photobooth: Vintage Photobooth

Cocktail bar: Macaques

Jazz Band: Lady L Trio

VW Combi: Wood Stock Reception

Furniture: Wood Stock Reception

Married: Axelle and Rémi Vaysse

Bridesmaid: Lise Vaysse

Make-up: Aurélie S Make Up and Beauty

Hairstyle: Séverine

Bridal accessories: Alice Marty

Bridesmaid dress and outfit: Rakel.B


Costume: Devred

Les maries: Pascaline Lafont et Lilian Lafont Bories


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