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Green Wedding

Increasingly sought after, the Green Wedding is a new way to see and create your wedding. Sometimes less expensive but above all much less harmful to our planet, the agency has decided, like many citizens, to go green and imagine eco-responsible tips that will make your wedding more environmentally friendly. Because finding that cut and imported flowers from Holland is ecological carnage, and that ordering paper flowers on Wish will certainly not make you a better person, here is our action plan!

For a responsible weekend

Our proposals for an eco-responsible wedding:

-Location: Choose an area near the ceremony venue and that offers sleeping on site,

-Accommodation: No sleeping on site? Think of the village of Tipis! Friendly atmosphere and real ecological benefit level travel,


-Outfits: For your dress, hunt there, our seamstress retouches it!  Also think about renting whether for the dress, the suit of Monsieur or the outfit of the children,

-Decoration: Inherited or mottled furniture. DIY (Do It Yoursel) of diverted and reused objects,

-Use of dried flowers or local and seasonal cut flowers! For the foliage, it is glâne 3 days before the wedding,


-Catering: We select local service providers who collaborate with local producers and work with seasonal products,

-Do- Part: We offer the creation of website that you can share with your guests. The latter not only allows a big postal saving (printing, paper, delivery) but it also allows you to give and collect information from your guests.

And if you really care about your invitations,


-The next day: Animation "Together for tomorrow":

We sort, we give (decoration not rented, flowers, leftovers meals) to family, friends or local charities (inquire upstream). The goal: to have the least garbage bag at the end of the wedding.

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