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Beau couple

The "Mariénages"

Live a double human adventure:

Become a godmother or goddaughter!

Before your big day, follow me behind the scenes of a real wedding.

After their wedding, many married untrust me that they did not think that there were so many details and that it would pass so quickly.

In this process of support to the preparations, I propose to follow me the time of 2 days behind the scenes of a real wedding in order to project you at best on your big day and to scare away some of your fears and apprehensions.

The approach can be double and you can also welcome on your wedding an anxious bride-to-be. 

The objective: to allow her to be able before her day, to realize what she will live. When you become a godmother or goddaughter, kindness is always required. Anyway, I almost, always have only nice brides! ;)

So ready to share the backstage of a wedding and/or pass on your experience to a bride-to-be?

This option is 100% free.

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